25 February 2009

Tiny picture update...of the tiny man!

Just a couple of quick pictures. I am still trying to get a video up, and now that I am "stent-free", and feeling a little better...I will be more on top of the pictures. I also have to get my camera fixed tomorrow...so I promise, they are coming!

20 February 2009

Quenton is here!

After breaking my water at 8:00am, 11 hours of labor, and 13 minutes of pushing...Quenton made his way into the world. We were beginning to think that he was as stubborn as his big sister about joining us, but he proved to be a little bit better in that department!

10 February 2009

The time has come...

Well, tomorrow night, Wednesday, I will head to the hospital around 7:00pm and the will begin the process of inducing me. If all goes well, they will hook me up to the pitocin around 6:00am Thursday, break my water, and the doctor promises a baby by Thursday afternoon sometime. So, I am definitely ready!

They have decided to induce me because I was admitted to the hospital last Thursday morning with a handful of kidney stones and a blockage in my kidney, so they did a minor surgery Friday morning, and are trying to get the baby out as soon as possible. Then, while I am inpatient, they will do a catscan to determine the exact problem and location, and the best way to deal with it. So, hopefully they will remove my stent, and fix the problem WHILE I'm in the hospital...that would make me very happy! If not, they will bring me back in a couple of weeks for surgery, we'll see.

So, needless to say, baby Quenton will be here in two short days, and our next post should be pictures of our sweet baby boy.