29 July 2008

Only 8 weeks left! (Hopefully)

Our original closing date is October 17th, but we just talked to the builder and they are moving along faster than expected, so hopefully we'll be in our new house by the beginning of October.

I will be leaving good ole San Antonio on August 11th or 12th. And, Jae will be right behind me on the evening of the 12th. He will be heading to Huntsville to settle in at his grandmother Katie's house, while Addison and I head to GA to live with Nana and Papi. (There's just not really a good place for the 3 of us to be seeing as Addison gets into EVERYTHING!!!!!)

Addison and I will be making little visits here and there to visit Gamma and Boss (Jae's parents) or friends or maybe even Aunt Chey. So, the 6 weeks or so should go by fairly fast. It's wierd...after being apart so long for his deployment, it is wierd to separate for this long again. Yikes. Oh well...

But here are a few pictures of the progress on the house...the closer it gets, the more excited we are!

22 July 2008

My baby's got a new do!

We decided that it was time for Addison's first real haircut. Her hair is growing much quicker...but at all different lengths, so we tried to get it all to one length so that it will grow out evenly.

I was sad because I thought we had cut out all of the curls, but they're creeping back in slowly. Needless to say...it was not a fun visit to "Cool Cuts"

Like Father...Like Daughter

This is what happens...

This is what happens when you leave Jae with an almost 2 year old...

Nana & Papi...

Well, Addison's Nana and Papi came to visit a few weeks ago (sorry...I'm a little behind). We headed back out to the safari drive thru ranch...which was just as fun the second-go-round. This time, Jae and my Dad were in the front seat, and needless to say, the ostriches scared the $*#% out of my dad. It literally was THE funniest thing that has happenned in a long time. We also got a few good pictures of the animals close up.

20 July 2008

Alright, Alright, Alright...

After a little bit of "harrassment" I will spill the story about Addie's new title. (just kidding Katie May)

Jae and I decided in April to begin trying for baby # 2, seeing as they have to cook in the oven for quite a while before they're actually here...and we don't want Addison to be too much older than her sibling. So...2 1/2 months later...we found out we were pregnant.

We actually found out we were pregnant on Father's Day, so that was a good present for Jae...about 2 days before his surgery in UCLA! We are due in February...so luckily, I won't be big during the hot months this time! Thank goodness! We will be back closer to family and settled into our new home by the time that the baby is born, so that is a blessing.

Jae is trying to help me with everything seeing as I feel like POOP this go round. This is much worse than my pregnancy with Addison, so far...and I'm sick everyday from the moment I wake up, until about 7:30 at night. Fun, huh? Oh well. It'll be over soon! Addison is enjoying the fact that she is going to be a big sister...most of the time. Plus, we're not quite sure she "gets it" yet. I'll ask her "Addie...do you want to have a baby brother or sister?" And some days she says "nope" and some days she says "uh-huh". But she knows "her baby" is in mommy's tummy, so the baby is the first person in the mornings to get good morning sugars!

We'll keep you updated on this pregnancy...