29 July 2008

Only 8 weeks left! (Hopefully)

Our original closing date is October 17th, but we just talked to the builder and they are moving along faster than expected, so hopefully we'll be in our new house by the beginning of October.

I will be leaving good ole San Antonio on August 11th or 12th. And, Jae will be right behind me on the evening of the 12th. He will be heading to Huntsville to settle in at his grandmother Katie's house, while Addison and I head to GA to live with Nana and Papi. (There's just not really a good place for the 3 of us to be seeing as Addison gets into EVERYTHING!!!!!)

Addison and I will be making little visits here and there to visit Gamma and Boss (Jae's parents) or friends or maybe even Aunt Chey. So, the 6 weeks or so should go by fairly fast. It's wierd...after being apart so long for his deployment, it is wierd to separate for this long again. Yikes. Oh well...

But here are a few pictures of the progress on the house...the closer it gets, the more excited we are!

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April said...

Our background was found at www.thecutestblogontheblock.com I know you're excited to move back closer to home. I loved Colorado but it is nice to back here especially with 2 kids! Can't wait to see all 3 of you before too long. We haven't seen Jae since your wedding (I think), and I guess Matt hasn't seen him since before that!