27 January 2009

By the way...

You may have to scroll all the way down to the bottom and pause the music so that you can hear the videos...

Gone Fishin'

Jae took Addison to Gander Mountain (an outdoors store) the other day to find something for the two of them to do that was special. That way she has something that is just her and Daddy's after the baby gets here. She picked out a princess fishing pole and pick tackle box, which she has not put down since she got it. She fishes up and down the hallway in the house non-stop. She is just so funny now...trying to be a big girl and talk like a big girl. I keep looking at her and saying "Addison, when did you get so big?" And, she says "last night". My sweet little girl, or big girl, I guess.

Maternity pictures - I LOVE them!

Here are a few of our maternity photos...they turned out much better that I could have ever imagined. And, I am beyond excited that we have a family picture where everyone is looking, and smiling, and looks good! It's the little things in life that make me happy I guess. We'll have more portraits done by the same woman after Quenton is born...can't wait!

26 January 2009

Trying out the new tricycle

Addison is learning to ride her new tricycle from Gamma and Boss. Boss came to visit last week, and gave her money for a "treasure" when he left...and this is what she picked out at the store...

Since this video, she has mastered going FORWARD on her tricycle. I'll post it soon...

Just call her Kelly Clarkson...

Here is a video of Addison playing the "American Idol" game on the Wii with Jae...she LOVES to sing and dance. Wonder who she gets that from?

16 January 2009


I was tagged by Tara over at familyrowell.blogspot.com to post the 5th picture in my 5th folder of pictures and tag 5 other bloggers to do the same. So, here goes...

This was when we headed down to our playground in San Antonio, she was about 11 months old, I was figuring my 5th picture would be from when she was a lot younger, but all of our other pictures have already been archived...

What a sweetie...and seriously, where has the time gone?

13 January 2009

Dancing Queen...

We left my parents house on the 27th to head to up to a family friend's wedding in Gainesville. We had SUCH a great time, especially Addison! She danced the night away, literally...she NEVER stopped! Missy was a beautiful bride, and everything about the wedding was wonderful! It was so good to see all of our family friends that we don't get to see too often! Next stop...Uncle Jared's wedding in May...watch out, she'll probably steal the dance floor again! She was so good at the wedding...quiet during the ceremony, and lasted the entire 4 hours at the reception!

12 January 2009

Jae's surgery

Well, Jae headed out to UCLA with Operation Mend, for his 4th reconstructive surgery. He left last Tuesday, and his brother Bill met him out there to take care of him. I was very nervous and sad not to be out there with him, but Bill did a great job taking care of him, and I'm sure...helping him have fun.
Dr. Miller did another release on the right side of his mouth, and placed a graft from behind his ear on the side of his mouth. Then, he had another form of a release (called a z-plasty) underneath his mouth, and they touched up a little bit on the graft below his nose. All in all, Jae has felt pretty good considering the surgery, and he seems to be recovering well. He had a check-up with the surgeon this morning, and will be flying home tonight. Thank you to all of you that have called and emailed to check on him!
Don't feel too bad for him, though...he was able to get tickets to go to the green room of the Jimmy Kimmell Live Show on Friday night, so he got to meet the Bachelor!!!

Christmas in Georgia

We headed to my parents house this year for Christmas, Jae only had Christmas day off from work, so we were unable to fly out to Houston this year. I guess that is the difference in the real world and the army world!
It was so much fun to watch Addison this year! She was so excited for Santa to come, and actually had a hard time going to sleep, because she thought she was actually going to get to see him when he stopped by. Needless to say, Santa was wonderful to her, as well as the rest of her family! She got a kitchen from Santa, which is a hit, and a chalkboard/drawing center from Gamma and Boss, and an interactive doll house from Nana and Papi. Last but not least...her other two favorite gifts are her sit-n-spin (I had one of these when I was a kid!!!) from Aunt Chey and Mr. Frank, and her new baby doll from Ki-Ki (Jae's grandmother, Katie). Actually, the sit-n-spin has become a permanent addition to our decor in the den, and her babydoll is "babied" all day long, and sleeps with her at night. Here are a few pictures of the Christmas morning excitement!

P.S. It has been brought to my attention that Addison very rarely wears pants in her pictures...so I thought I would mix it up a little and show one without her shirt this time!!!