12 January 2009

Christmas in Georgia

We headed to my parents house this year for Christmas, Jae only had Christmas day off from work, so we were unable to fly out to Houston this year. I guess that is the difference in the real world and the army world!
It was so much fun to watch Addison this year! She was so excited for Santa to come, and actually had a hard time going to sleep, because she thought she was actually going to get to see him when he stopped by. Needless to say, Santa was wonderful to her, as well as the rest of her family! She got a kitchen from Santa, which is a hit, and a chalkboard/drawing center from Gamma and Boss, and an interactive doll house from Nana and Papi. Last but not least...her other two favorite gifts are her sit-n-spin (I had one of these when I was a kid!!!) from Aunt Chey and Mr. Frank, and her new baby doll from Ki-Ki (Jae's grandmother, Katie). Actually, the sit-n-spin has become a permanent addition to our decor in the den, and her babydoll is "babied" all day long, and sleeps with her at night. Here are a few pictures of the Christmas morning excitement!

P.S. It has been brought to my attention that Addison very rarely wears pants in her pictures...so I thought I would mix it up a little and show one without her shirt this time!!!


miriam said...

How fun! I though about getting Micah a Sit and Spin, but I didn't....He is just Too Clumsy!

Scott and Katie said...

LOL she's so cute. Love the Zack Brown Song as well. Glad to see she has pants on!

Meeshin' Around said...

Sierra - she is an absolute DOLL! I hope you and Jae are doing great - I can't wait to see what your little boy looks like!

Kerry Wilson said...

Nice, it was fun that Cameron actually was interested in Christmas this year as well. Until he saw his elmo restaurant, then he didn't care about anything else!