26 May 2010

18 May 2010

Water, water, everywhere...

We headed to the Botanical Gardens in Huntsville to give the kids a place to exert all of their energy. (Mommy was in need of some peace and quiet, and this is a sure way to get a double nap!) They have a handful of areas that have water fountains, sprinklers, etc. So, we packed a bathingsuit, and a towel...and headed off. The kids had a blast, and I definitely got some peace and quiet that afternoon...

Quenton LOVED the rock fountains, and Addison was digging in the rocks EVERYWHERE!

End of School Luau

Addison's last day of school is tomorrow. We are pretty bummed, both Mommy and Addison! I think Quenton is probably going to be psyched to have his "dee-dee" home to play with, though!

So, their end of school party was today, and they decided on a luau theme. As always, the mommies went above and beyond! They had a luau limbo game, a cool coconut game (like hot potato), and a pin the monkey on the palm tree game. They had pizza with ham and pineapple, beach cupcakes, leis, hula skirts, and palm tree and flower cupcakes! I don't remember EVER having a party this cool!

The kids had a lot of fun, and I'm sure will really miss the interaction and fun during the summer. Luckily, we have a few things lined up to fill our time for the summer!

Quenton also participated today, whether the older kids wanted him or not! He was hilarious. He always wants to be where his big sister is, and she is happy to oblige!

06 May 2010

The newest addition(s)...

About 3 weeks ago, I noticed a sweet little Momma Robin beginning her nest in our awning of our front porch. I quickly told Jae to take all of the grass, sticks, etc out of the awning. Last year, we had the exact same situation...and it only led to bird poop ALL over the front porch. Unfortunately, we did not catch her nest in time. Two days later, she had begun her little family in the nest...

Addison has taken a SERIOUS interest in this little Momma bird, and her eggs...so she had me climbing the ladder every day to check on them. The eggs began hatching last Sunday, only two to begin with.

Then, the other two hatched, making four baby birds in that tiny nest! Addison quickly named them all...Tinkerbell, Bubbles, Pumpkin, and Easter Bunny. Hilarious. Anyways, these are the babies and their Momma on Tuesday...

Their eyes are still covered by their thin transparent skin, they are slowly getting little fluffy feathers, and have yet to move...at all.

As of today, the babies are moving, and we can barely see their little beaks sticking out above the nest (unless I climb up the ladder!) Their eyes are still covered, but you can see a tiny slit where their eyelids will open, and they are beginning to get the hard feathers that cover their wings.

It is absolutely AMAZING what 5 days has done for these little guys!!! And I though OUR babies grew too fast!