21 November 2008

Oh, Mr. Bubble!

Okay, this stuff has been out since I was a kid...like 25 years ago. This has got to be the most popular bubble bath known to man! But, it does make for a good bath time...and an extended one, at that!

Addison has figured out that it is way more fun to take a bath in Mommy and Daddy's bath...we pour in a little bit of the magic pink bottle, and turn on the jets, and she goes CRAZY! She loves it. Absolutely loves it! Of course, after about 5 minutes of jets, the bath tub is overflowing with bubbles...and Addison is screaming "more bubbles...bubbles...bubbles!!!" It reminds me of the fish in the fishtank on Finding Nemo!

Beep-beep...Addie's got the keys to the Jeep!

Well, Gamma and Boss got Addison a pink and purple motorized Jeep for her birthday. Unfortunately for Addie, Mommy and Daddy decided to keep it in the box until we got to Alabama. So, after many promises...we put the Jeep together this past Sunday, and Addison had a HAY-DAY!!! I swear...she went crazy over this thing. That is, until we put the battery in it. Now, she's scared to do anything but sit in it. The second you mention pushing the (gas) "button", she hops out. We're hoping the neighbors will bring their 3 year old daugther, Ava, over...and she can help with a little convincing! We'll see...

20 November 2008

For all you belly watchers (TEAL!!!!! This is for you!)

Alright...it's very true, they say you take WAY less pictures the second time around...and they're right. I've already started slacking compared to my pregnancy with Addison, but I'm trying to blame it on the move. I'm sure I'll be much better at taking pictures when I have the sweet little boy to take them of...my belly isn't too cute! But, I have this crazy friend from Texas that keeps insisting on a "belly picture" so here goes, Teal. (By the way, I'm just picking on her!)

This is from week 25 (last week)

Sorry, it's not the greatest picture, but that's what happens when you set it on the table and set the timer!

19 November 2008

Sweet little lady...

She can be deceptive!!! Addison has been quite the personality these days. We think she's trying to express herself, but whoo-hoo, sometimes...thats a challenge. But, the majority of the day, she is sweet little Addison. She talks NON-STOP now. Literally. You think I'm kidding...I'm' not. She only stops long enough to take a deep breath, and start again. She also tells me that "mommy belly hurts" all the time...I guess that's her way of explaining my expanding stomach! But, the good thing is...she's still excited to be a big sister...

03 November 2008

I'm back on track now!

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get all of these pictures posted. It was really complicated to post them from my parents house in GA, and then with the move, we just got internet less than a week ago...so here it goes...

There are a lot of pictures, so I apologize. I just didn't want to leave anything out. We are happy to finally be settling into our own house, but it is a LOT of work!!! We have our next appointment with OB on friday, so I will update you soon on the baby. We found out in the middle of October that we are having a baby BOY...so Jae is busting at the seams! His name will be Quenton...for the 5th - Jae wants to name him James Oliver Barclay V. He is healthy, and measuring a smidge big, so we'll check again this friday. I'll keep you posted.

Enjoy all the pictures, and I promise to be on time from now on!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Addison was SOOOOO excited for Halloween this year. I had been psyching her up for about a week before hand...teaching her how to say trick-or-treat, so when it finally came time for the real thing...she was busting at the seams. As soon as she woke up from her nap, she was asking for her "jaffe costume". I could hardly get her dinner down her. Then when we walked outside to see if anyone was trick-or-treating yet...she took off running to the next door neighbors screaming "knock-knock...knock-knock!" She just couldn't wait. Then, she started taking candy out of our basket, and putting it into her bucket. She rarely gets candy, actually only when she potties, so that night she was bouncing off the walls. Needless to say, we were very tired when we got home.

Another day, another pumpkin patch...

After we closed on our house, Aunt May-May, Tater, and Jackon-boy (Jackson) came to visit...and we packed up Boss's expedition and headed to another pumpkin patch. We were amazed to see that this one had an admission price...but it was WELL worth it! There was so much for them to do there...hay rides, pumpkins - obviously, a corn pool, which corn kernels filling these huge bins where kids could jump and play in them, a cotton bin, a hay jump, and my favorite...pumpkin slushes. I know, I know...it sounds wierd at first, but Jae and I decided that it was probably the best slush we'd ever had! The kids had so much fun, it was like someone had died when we told them it was time to leave!

We are also beginning to realize that Addison has "no fear". This kid will pretty much try anything. Her pediatrician called her a tom-boy, and very active for her age...I think that was a nice way to say that I have a crazy child. We don't think she's any different than any other 26 month old...full of energy.

Time for pumpkin hunting!

We headed to a pumpkin patch in Warner Robins before we left for Alabama, and Addison helped Nana pick out her pumpkins for her front porch. She was overwhelmed with the amount of pumpkins, and just kept trying to pick up more and more. She found her Nana a "bigger" pumpkin, and found the perfect pumpkin for herself, which she toted around for the next two days.

An afternoon at the fair

The Georgia Fair came to Perry, GA, which is only about 15 minutes away from my mom and dad, so Addison, my Mom, and I decided to head out for Addison's first adventure at the fair. She absolutely LOVED it! Our first ride was the sky-bucket that went all the way across the park...a 14 minute ride all together. Unfortunately, as soon as our feet left the ground, I figured out that this little baby of ours must be making me suffer from motion sickness...because I NEVER get queezy on rides, Never. Needless to say, we had to finish the ride...so no fun for me. For the rest of the afternoon...Nana rode the rides with Addison! (Thanks, Nana.) She loved every single ride...and surprisingly wasn't scared at all!

Never a dull moment with Addison!

I've been wondering why I'm a lot more tired this pregnancy than with Addison, and then a light bulb came on...its because I chase around a 2 year old all day! Actually, I am feeling a lot better this time around than I did with Addison, which is a good thing! Addison rarely has a dull moment, and when she does, it's normally right after her nap. Then Jae gets home, and she catches her second wind, and is ALL over him! They are hilarious...like two peas in a pod. And, she has him wrapped around her little finger! She loves the "wee" (Addie terms for the playground) and would spend all day there if we would let her.


Addison has begun to learn feelings...and is also learning how to show them. In these pictures it's cute, but when those little feelings start to "rare" up in the middle of the store, and her strong-willed personality shows itself...it's a whole different story!!!!!

A sad face...she says, "Mommy...Addie sad." And, a happy face...she says "Mommy...Addie hoppy, funning!" (she really means Addie happy, funny)

These days are all about figuring out what is happenning in that little head of hers...she's exploring her independence, and sometimes that is a little challenging!

Our visit to Ft. Rucker

We decided to venture down to Fort Rucker, AL, to visit Gamma and Boss, Jackson, Aunt May-May, and Tater (Addison's name for Lily Kate). We spent the weekend playing and visiting, and even got to watch Boss fly away in his helicopter (or "Boss's a-cop-tor" as Addie would say). Here are a few pictures...