23 June 2008

Happy 26th Birthday, Jae!!!

Well, the 19th was Jae's 26th Birthday...and who says a hotel and a surgery should keep you from a birthday party, cake and presents???

Addison picked out the decorations and hats...

And the cake, too!

Seriously...isn't this a little tacky???

So, while we were in LA, we went to Westfield Century City Mall...where all the famous people shop! There was a restaurant on the top floor, and we had a while until our sponsor was going to pick us up, so we decided to grab a bite to eat...the worst part was it wasn't even good food!

I wasn't aware of just how tacky the name was, until Jae explained it to me. If you don't know why it's tacky...you're better off!!! Just ignore this post.

Crazy Nasty People!!!!

Aunt Chey's visit to San Antonio

What a fun week we had with Aunt Chey! My sister came out the 11th to spend a few days with us...and boy did we become tourists!!!

We spent an afternoon at the outlet mall (this thing is HUGE...at least triple the size of any outlet mall I've been to in GA). Then we went to the Wildlife Safari and drove through hundreds of animals for about 2 hours. That evening we headed down to the Riverwalk to take the boat tour of downtown, and finished off the weekend relaxing and packing for UCLA.

So excited to go to the "zoo"

Aunt Chey and Addie...Here we go!!!

Seriously...have you ever been this close to a buffalo???

Holy cow!!! Or Bull!

I was worried that Addison might be scared of the animals...but oh, no. She just kept saying "mo-mo mommy" because she wanted more and more food to feed them. At one point Aunt Chey caught her teasing an animal.

Okay...seriously...ostriches are literally the scariest thing EVER!!! It wouldn't let me drive by, and it kept pecking at the front of my car and flapping its wings. And...they are like 10 feet tall!!!

This was the only one that Addison was scared of...he had pretty big teeth.

Speaking of teeth...do you see his teeth???

Hey, Mommy...look what I found in the gift shop!!!

07 June 2008

4 months till closing...

With 19 weeks left until we close...here is the latest picture of the house...

By the end of this past week, they were going to finish the roof, and put in the windows. Even though 19 weeks seems like a long time, it really will be here in the blink of an eye. Especially with all that we have going on in the next two months.
Jae just had surgery on his right hand again...to release his thumb, so they took skin from the underside of his arm in between his elbow and armpit and put in on the top of his right hand at his thumb. He's recovering pretty good!!! Then, my sister is out to visit from the 11th-15th, Addie has swim classes all week next week, and then we leave on the 15th to go back out to UCLA for another release on Jae's mouth. We will be home on the 21st, and then Jae flies back out to VA on the 22nd to pick up his dog...and let me tell you...you'd think he was about to have a second child, he is SO excited. My parents come our for a visit on the 25th-30th, and then we leave to head to AL for Jae's dad's change of command on the 12th. So...needless to say, the next month or so is a little crazy. Also, by the time we get back from AL, we will head back out to UCLA, hopefully for the last time, to do a little work on Jae's nose.
Then...hopefully, WE'LL BE MOVING!!!! We cannot wait!!!

What a difference 10 months can make!!!

Okay, this is when I want to just hug her and never let her go...in hopes that she won't grow up. I was going through our pictures from the last couple of weeks, and realized that we had taken a picture of Addison at the zoo that reminded me of a previous picture. She had a picture from 10 months ago, taken on the same statue of a Komodo dragon...

11 months old...

21 months old.

Screw the gas prices!!!

Please excuse the language...but that is what going to the gas station made me feel like.
Until now...

Jae and I decided to trade in the Yukon (the love of my life...seriously) for a more fuel efficient car. With the gas prices getting absolutely ridiculous...we were spending between $80-$90 each week to go about 300 miles - somewhere around 13 miles to the gallon. So, we traded it in for the '09 Toyota Camry Hybrid. What a difference in MPG's! Now we go around 500-510 miles for $48 (which comes out at about 35 miles to the gallon)!!! Crazy, huh??? I love it!!! Now, I feel like WE are screwing the gas prices!!!!

Alright, this kid LOVES the water!

Well, over the last few weeks, Jae and I have realized that we have a fish for a child! Between the kiddie pool next door, the neighborhood pool, and the lake...we can't seem to keep her out of the water. Every single day, she asks for the "poo" which is Addie-ese for pool, and the "wa-wa". Today, she even went into her bedroom and got her bathing suit, sat down on the floor and started to put it over her feet. Holy cow. She is such a big girl now, not a little baby. It's crazy how they literally grow up over night.

Addison and Emily

Seriously, is that not the cutest little belly???

There's nothing like wheat thins during rest break!