23 June 2008

Aunt Chey's visit to San Antonio

What a fun week we had with Aunt Chey! My sister came out the 11th to spend a few days with us...and boy did we become tourists!!!

We spent an afternoon at the outlet mall (this thing is HUGE...at least triple the size of any outlet mall I've been to in GA). Then we went to the Wildlife Safari and drove through hundreds of animals for about 2 hours. That evening we headed down to the Riverwalk to take the boat tour of downtown, and finished off the weekend relaxing and packing for UCLA.

So excited to go to the "zoo"

Aunt Chey and Addie...Here we go!!!

Seriously...have you ever been this close to a buffalo???

Holy cow!!! Or Bull!

I was worried that Addison might be scared of the animals...but oh, no. She just kept saying "mo-mo mommy" because she wanted more and more food to feed them. At one point Aunt Chey caught her teasing an animal.

Okay...seriously...ostriches are literally the scariest thing EVER!!! It wouldn't let me drive by, and it kept pecking at the front of my car and flapping its wings. And...they are like 10 feet tall!!!

This was the only one that Addison was scared of...he had pretty big teeth.

Speaking of teeth...do you see his teeth???

Hey, Mommy...look what I found in the gift shop!!!

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