22 April 2009

Wordless Wednesday

We're DONE...she is potty trained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yippee! I feel like I can actually now say that Addison is completely potty trained! She started peeing on the potty around 2 years old, and then regressed towards the end of my pregnancy with Quenton. Then, she picked back up with the peeing, but was absolutely frantic when it came time to do the other...and I mean FRANTIC. She would wear big girl panties all day, and then when it came time for number 2...she would come running to me and say "mommy..I need a diaper!!!!!!" Then she would run around like a crazy girl, freaking out about going poopy! It was really odd, and Jae and I weren't sure what to do, but the doctor said just give her her space during that time...and she would come around. Sure enough, she did. Now we are completely potty-trained, wearing big girl panties ALL day long, even at school! She does still wear a night-time pull-up...but we are SOOO proud of her!

P.S. It doesn't hurt to do a little bribing! Daddy told Addison he would get her a GIANT CAKE if she went poo-poo on the potty...and it worked!!!

Baskets, an Egg Hunt, and some good ole family time...

Easter this year was especially fun...seeing as it was Quenton's first Easter (even though he slept most of the day!) and Addison was so excited, and was able to do her first Easter Egg Hunt, without our assistance!!! She was so psyched! We woke up, had a little family time in mommy and daddy's bed, had easter egg colored pancakes for breakfast, went to Aunt Becky's for an Easter Egg Hunt and dinner. All in all...we all had a great time!

The many faces of Quenton...

Well, Quenton is quite busy these days...making faces, and talking to his big sister. He absolutely LOVES it when she is around, and is usually his happiest then. He has so many different expressions now...seeing as all of the pictures below were taken in about a 10 minute window...I can't believe how quickly he is growing! My sweet little man...

11 April 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like.....EASTER!!!

Well, this Easter is really fun in our house...Addison is understanding the Easter bunny, and she is trying to help Quenton understand. She is such a sweet big sister, it's crazy! We went to visit the Easter bunny, and Addison was a little nervous at first, but once she took her picture...she kept walking back up to him to hug him...seriously, like 6 or 7 times. We also colored Easter eggs yesterday, in between jumping in the bath tub during warning sirens for the tornadoes. (No one told me that I lived in a tornado valley!) I'll post pictures soon...but for now, here is the Easter Bunny.

10 April 2009

Cupcakes with my Nana

Addison and Quenton stayed with my mom and dad last weekend while we went to a wedding in north Georgia...it was my first night away from Quenton! Yikes, it was nerve-racking. Anyways, Addison came back with a huge box of sugar!!! Yeah for her, but crazy for me...not only did they give her a boost of energy every afternoon...but I decided to partake in the festivities...that's really good for the diet, huh? She was VERY proud of them...

And...by the way..Addison is sporting a brand new haircut...and, I must say, it is the cutest thing EVER! I'll take pictures of the new do soon.

08 April 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Okay, I am going to try and steal an idea from two of my friends...Tara and Lindsey. If I can remember to post them, I am going to just post a picture on Wednesdays...hence the wordless wednesday...

Here are this weeks...

07 April 2009

Nana's Tinkerbell Party

Well, we never really have our OWN birthday parties anymore...they always revolve around Addie, and since she is obsessed with Tinkerbell and Princesses right now...we had a Tinkerbell birthday for Nana (my mom) while she was here helping us when Quenton was in the hospital. What a fun way to spend your birthday, huh? Anyways, both Nana and Addison loved the cake and balloons, and the tiaras!!!

Disney Live

After Addison had so much fun at the circus, Jae and I decided to buy tickets for
Disney Live, which included Handy Manny, Mickey, Minnie, Goofey, Donald, the Einsteins, and Tigger, Pooh, and Darby (all of which are Addison's favorite shows!)

It was the day that Quenton got out of the hospital, so my Mom stayed home with him while we had some special quality time with Addie. Also, one of her favorite families went, too...Ava, Tucker, Mr. Mike and Mrs. Jodi (they live across the street from us)

Addison also discovered popcorn that day...and we could not get it away from her. In almost every picture towards the end, she is SCARFING down popcorn. There are some pretty hilarious pictures...enjoy!

This last one is the funniest!!! I'm not quite sure what she was doing!