11 October 2010

"Go Daddy..."

"Go Daddy, go Daddy, go Daddy! Score!!!"

Those were the ONLY words that came out of Addison's mouth the ENTIRE game last week!

Last Sunday was Jae's first hockey game in 12 years! He was so excited to see how he would do, and he did GREAT! By the way, Addison has decided she should quit soccer, and play hockey. Crazy girl.

20 September 2010

A little fun for the whole family.

This past Saturday night we headed over to Redstone Arsenal for their Oktoberfest. It was great! For $15 a person, you got parking, entertainment, and as many carnival rides as you could ride...

Addison had a ton of fun, her best friend Natalie was there. She rode the ferris wheel with Jae and Quenton (which took a little persuading), the carousel a couple times, the Dumbo ride, a dragon ride, a giant slide, a clown house, and then finished the night off with a race car ride with Jae.

Jae and I were happy, I had pizza, Jae had a funnel cake, and we BOTH experimented with some german beer and had a beer mug as a souvenir.

Great time!!!

Memo Jammies

Quenton absolutely LOVES Elmo (affectionately known as "memo" by Quenton). I found some fabric for Halloween with Elmo, and decided to make him some jammies. I used an old shirt of his and added the same material to the pocket...and he LOVES them. He was showing them off to Jae all night...

Wild Children

This is a pretty typical evening at our house, after bath time, and before bed...

And, no...they are not on fast forward...they're just wild.

(you'll have to mute the Ipod on the left side in order to hear...)

19 September 2010

It's all about the blessing...

One night, Addison got ready to choose which blessing we did at dinner, and Quenton all of a sudden closed his eyes, and put his hands together...

It really may have been one of the funniest things he has done yet...

(you'll have to mute the Ipod on the left side in order to hear, and please excuse my voice...)

14 September 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I am hoping to get back to my regular blogging, now that I am on the mend. Here is our semi-wordless wednesday post...

Sweet Babies...

Soccer, Soccer, Everywhere

Addison started playing on the co-ed soccer team a few weeks ago, and they have been practicing twice a week. This past Saturday was the "Trains" first game! Addison was so excited to play! She had scored two goals at the scrimmage game during practice, and was ready to score more. Unfortunately, she did not score any goals at the game.

She did, however, assist for a goal, and did very well!!!! We are proud!

And, Quenton is pretty happy at games as well! He got a cherry snowcone from the concession stand!

30 August 2010

How to make limeade...

out of limes... Quenton LOVES to gnaw on the limes from our drinks. He makes terrible faces, but just continues to chomp on them... Hilarious!!!

(You need to hit pause on the music iPod on the left side to hear the movie)

A day to celebrate...

Addison is finally 4 years old! Her birthday was this past Wednesday, and she was able to celebrate her day at school, in chapel, where all the children in the entire preschool sang Happy Birthday to her! Jae and I came to eat lunch with her and bring cupcakes for her class, which was too cute! Finally, Nana came into town, and we headed to Addison's favorite restaurant "the peanut place" which is really Santa Fe Cattle Co. She finished off her night with a few more presents and a princess birthday cake that my mom made. She LOVED it! It had all of her favorite princesses on the cake, including a picture of herself!

(You need to pause the music iPod on the left side in order to hear the video)

Do you think she's excited about being 4??? Nahhhh. Not at all.