30 August 2010

A day to celebrate...

Addison is finally 4 years old! Her birthday was this past Wednesday, and she was able to celebrate her day at school, in chapel, where all the children in the entire preschool sang Happy Birthday to her! Jae and I came to eat lunch with her and bring cupcakes for her class, which was too cute! Finally, Nana came into town, and we headed to Addison's favorite restaurant "the peanut place" which is really Santa Fe Cattle Co. She finished off her night with a few more presents and a princess birthday cake that my mom made. She LOVED it! It had all of her favorite princesses on the cake, including a picture of herself!

(You need to pause the music iPod on the left side in order to hear the video)

Do you think she's excited about being 4??? Nahhhh. Not at all.

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