28 October 2009

Tate's Farm

Oh, how I love this time of year!!! The beautiful foliage, the smell of crisp air, and pumpkins!!!! Pumpkins galore! I guess I have worn off on Addison, as she is LOVING it as much as I do. Everytime we go somewhere she says, "Mommy, its PUMPKIN TIME!!!!" The other day, Jae was saying something negative about the road, and Addison said, "No Daddy, it's not...its beautiful! God made it!" Hilarious!

So, we headed out to Tate's Farm for the second year...and Addison had a blast! Quenton actually thought it was pretty cool, too! We made it there about 30 minutes before closing, so needless to say, we were those people who were literally running from one activity to the next!