22 September 2008

Sorry for the delay.

I haven't posted anything in about a month, so I'm sorry...

But...below are quite a bit of new pictures and updates, now that I can access our pictures...Enjoy!

"Tptoy Ringtain"

I saw this commercial for "tptoy ringtain", better known as potty training...and it shows just how complex the idea is for kids...

Well, considering our last post about 4 months ago, saying we were beginning the process...it is definitely complex! But, so far...not as hard as I had imagined, so that's good. She started getting interested about 4 months ago...but never really did anything "IN" the potty. She just wanted to sit on it all the time. After the process of 2 steps forward, 1 step back...quite a few times, and about a 2 month gap of no interest at all...I'm beginning to get hopeful that we are pretty much "pee-pee" potty trained. I say "we" because it is definitely not just her getting trained. As a parent, you have to remember to constantly remind them, or ask them if they have to potty, and you have to be consistent. You know...when you really think it would be easier if she'd just pee in her pull-up when you're right in the middle of eating, or out at Wal-mart (where it is REALLY hard to get a little girl's pants and pull-up off without touching the nasty floor, door, or toilet!). You might think I'm wrong for a little bribery...but you'll know what it's like when you start potty training your little one...I use an M & M as a treat when she actually goes pee-pee in the potty. She loves it, and she is SO proud of herself when she is through. Here are a few pictures of her accomplishments, and at the end...the last picture she's enjoying her "sweet reward".

Now, it's time to get the little crazy lady to go "#2" on the potty...wish me luck!

Daddy's home!!!

Since we are living in two different states right now, waiting on the house, Addison hasn't seen here daddy for 4 weeks. Whoa. But, that's nothing like a deployment, so I'd say we should be thankful! Anyways, Addison and I began our "countdown" last Monday...and Addison just couldn't wait for him to get here. So, needless to say, she was spoiled all weekend with his attention, running, kicking the ball, playing tea parties, and doll house non-stop! They loved every minute of it. While he was home, we took her to her favorite place, Monkey Joe's...which is the best deal in the world. For $3.35 (I have a discount card) we can play for as long as her little heart desires...which is normally about an hour. She bounces on EVERYTHING...and goes non-stop. She is so worn out by the end of it...but it is well worth it! If I had to guess...Daddy was pretty worn out, too, after jumping in them all with her!

More of the house...

Okay, here are more pictures of the house, as promised. (Especially for you, Teal...)
There are some of the master bathroom, the kitchen cabinets, "backpack nook", the backyard (the wood for the fence still needs to be put up), the kitchen, and the foyer.

Addison's 2nd, 2nd Birthday

Well, once we arrived in GA, it was time for Addison's real birthday, so we opened more presents, had cake, maccaroni & cheese, and went to Monkey Joe's (or as Addison calls it...jumpy world). She had a blast, and loved every minute of her Mickey cake and "blue" ice cream (which by the way is disgusting...it's cotton candy flavored) What can I say, she loves it!

21 September 2008

Progress on the house...

I know it has been FOREVER since I've posted anything...I'm sorry. It's just not as easy when you're not on your own computer. So, here are a few pictures of the house thus far...and I'll post more tonight. We close in 25 days!!! And...I have A LOT of Addison! She's getting so big...I find myself thinking more and more each day...where has all the time gone? More pictures to follow...

I'll post more pictures tonight or tomorrow...

04 September 2008

Please! Give me a break!

This is ridiculous! Watch these Youtube videos...why doesn't any of this get questioned on mainstream media? I wonder? My vote is obvious, I'm sorry.


You may have to copy it and type it into your browser...but it is well worth watching. After the video, there are also more videos below that are even more ignorant and frustrating.