22 September 2008

Daddy's home!!!

Since we are living in two different states right now, waiting on the house, Addison hasn't seen here daddy for 4 weeks. Whoa. But, that's nothing like a deployment, so I'd say we should be thankful! Anyways, Addison and I began our "countdown" last Monday...and Addison just couldn't wait for him to get here. So, needless to say, she was spoiled all weekend with his attention, running, kicking the ball, playing tea parties, and doll house non-stop! They loved every minute of it. While he was home, we took her to her favorite place, Monkey Joe's...which is the best deal in the world. For $3.35 (I have a discount card) we can play for as long as her little heart desires...which is normally about an hour. She bounces on EVERYTHING...and goes non-stop. She is so worn out by the end of it...but it is well worth it! If I had to guess...Daddy was pretty worn out, too, after jumping in them all with her!

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Teal said...

I just LOVE her in her little dress, I broke down and got Macy the same one:)