22 September 2008

"Tptoy Ringtain"

I saw this commercial for "tptoy ringtain", better known as potty training...and it shows just how complex the idea is for kids...

Well, considering our last post about 4 months ago, saying we were beginning the process...it is definitely complex! But, so far...not as hard as I had imagined, so that's good. She started getting interested about 4 months ago...but never really did anything "IN" the potty. She just wanted to sit on it all the time. After the process of 2 steps forward, 1 step back...quite a few times, and about a 2 month gap of no interest at all...I'm beginning to get hopeful that we are pretty much "pee-pee" potty trained. I say "we" because it is definitely not just her getting trained. As a parent, you have to remember to constantly remind them, or ask them if they have to potty, and you have to be consistent. You know...when you really think it would be easier if she'd just pee in her pull-up when you're right in the middle of eating, or out at Wal-mart (where it is REALLY hard to get a little girl's pants and pull-up off without touching the nasty floor, door, or toilet!). You might think I'm wrong for a little bribery...but you'll know what it's like when you start potty training your little one...I use an M & M as a treat when she actually goes pee-pee in the potty. She loves it, and she is SO proud of herself when she is through. Here are a few pictures of her accomplishments, and at the end...the last picture she's enjoying her "sweet reward".

Now, it's time to get the little crazy lady to go "#2" on the potty...wish me luck!


Josh and Donna said...

way to go addie! (and mommy too!)

Tammy Edwards said...

She going to kill you when she finds out you posted these pictures when she turns 13. I have copied them so I can show her and she will love me even more for protecting her virtue. I love you!!