24 December 2009

1st stop...San Antonio

Our first stop on our trip to Texas was in good ole' San Antonio. Home sweet home! We took a walk on the Riverwalk, I had lunch with some friends, and we went to Katie's (a family friend) wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous. The kids did well through the ceremony, and Addison couldn't wait to get out on that dance floor.

23 December 2009

Finally, two teeth!

I was really beginning to worry, Quenton had turned 8 months old...then 9 months old...and NO teeth! The doctor said "Oh, no...no big deal. We don't worry about no teeth until they turn 2!" Can you believe that? Well, when he was a little over 9 months old, Quenton got his first tooth! Since then, he has gotten three more in less that 2 weeks. Poor kid!

Mall fun...

There is this great playground in the food court of one Huntsville's malls. You may have seen it in one of my previous posts. It is completely padded, and has tons of things to climb on, for all different ages. We headed over their with Addison and Quenton's best friends...and they had too much fun!

22 December 2009

Christmas with the Mayers

We had a preview of Christmas at our friend's house before we left for Texas. Our kids are almost exactly the same age...Natalie is 1 month older than Addison (to the day), and Evie is 6 days older than Quenton. Crazy, isn't it? We headed over to their house for pizza, playtime and presents.

Afterschool Pajama Playdate

Addison's last day of school before Christmas break was "Pajama Polar Express Day". After school we had a playdate at a friend's house to exchange presents with all of their friends. It was SO cute! Cupcakes, hot chocolate, presents, dress-up, and the movie Polar Express...

20 December 2009

The Nights of Lights

We drove through the nights of lights at Huntsville Botanical Gardens a few days before we headed out to Texas for Christmas. Addison and Quenton got out of their carseats to get a better view...

14 December 2009

A sweet girl,

and a SWEEEEEET lens!
I am so excited to be using my new lens. I really can't wait to actually do a shoot with it! But, here are pictures of my sweet baby girl with my new fixed lens. It is SO amazingly clear! Whoohoo!

Celebrate good times...

Jae and I were able to go to an all adult Christmas party while my mom and dad were here (thank you guys for babysitting!). We had so much fun. I am so lucky to have found a great group of friends in the mothers from Addison's school. The best part is our children love eachother, too! We ate, joked, drank, laughed, played games, did a few dances, and learned quite a bit, too! Here are some of the funniest moments of the night...

Come on!!!

13 December 2009

Christmas, Round 1

Since we are heading to Texas for Christmas, my parents came up this weekend to give the kids their Christmas presents. Wowsers, did we all make out with some good stuff! Addison got the Handy Manny tool table she has been wanting, and a bunch of other really cool stuff, Quenton got a walking toy and a bunch of clothes (which were greatly needed since he is now too small for his 12 month old clothes), I got a new camera lens which I am SOOOOO pumped about, and Jae got away with some new clothes and a few extras! Thank you SO much Nana and Papi. It was so much fun! We now realize that Addison totally takes after me in her love for holidays. She screamed at the top of her lungs for every single present that she opened. I absolutely LOVED it! Addison also got to decorate some brownie-pops...she LOVES helping out in the kitchen, especially with Nana...