06 December 2009

Dinner with Santa...

Addison has had quite a few opportunities to see Santa this year! She is amazed how one Santa can be in SO many places! I love the sweet innocence of this age! She was able to have dinner with Santa and two of her best friends on Thursday night. She continues to ask Santa for a pink "cramera" (camera), a reindeer movie, and the hamster house (which by the way is THE hardest thing ever to find!). She ate dinner, danced and played with friends, and then headed over to Santa's Village, where Santa lives. She had an absolute BLAST! Quenton continues to be intrigued by Santa, not knowing exactly what to think. He doesn't cry, though...so I guess he likes him? If I had to read his mind...he's asking for a bulldozer ride-on toy, a popping train, a hamster in a ball, and some fridge toys. Hopefully Santa will pull through on these requests!!! Sorry there are so many pictures...they're just too cute to pass up!

P.S. Thank you Jill for the Village pictures!!!!

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