13 December 2009

Christmas, Round 1

Since we are heading to Texas for Christmas, my parents came up this weekend to give the kids their Christmas presents. Wowsers, did we all make out with some good stuff! Addison got the Handy Manny tool table she has been wanting, and a bunch of other really cool stuff, Quenton got a walking toy and a bunch of clothes (which were greatly needed since he is now too small for his 12 month old clothes), I got a new camera lens which I am SOOOOO pumped about, and Jae got away with some new clothes and a few extras! Thank you SO much Nana and Papi. It was so much fun! We now realize that Addison totally takes after me in her love for holidays. She screamed at the top of her lungs for every single present that she opened. I absolutely LOVED it! Addison also got to decorate some brownie-pops...she LOVES helping out in the kitchen, especially with Nana...

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