03 November 2008

Another day, another pumpkin patch...

After we closed on our house, Aunt May-May, Tater, and Jackon-boy (Jackson) came to visit...and we packed up Boss's expedition and headed to another pumpkin patch. We were amazed to see that this one had an admission price...but it was WELL worth it! There was so much for them to do there...hay rides, pumpkins - obviously, a corn pool, which corn kernels filling these huge bins where kids could jump and play in them, a cotton bin, a hay jump, and my favorite...pumpkin slushes. I know, I know...it sounds wierd at first, but Jae and I decided that it was probably the best slush we'd ever had! The kids had so much fun, it was like someone had died when we told them it was time to leave!

We are also beginning to realize that Addison has "no fear". This kid will pretty much try anything. Her pediatrician called her a tom-boy, and very active for her age...I think that was a nice way to say that I have a crazy child. We don't think she's any different than any other 26 month old...full of energy.

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