21 November 2008

Oh, Mr. Bubble!

Okay, this stuff has been out since I was a kid...like 25 years ago. This has got to be the most popular bubble bath known to man! But, it does make for a good bath time...and an extended one, at that!

Addison has figured out that it is way more fun to take a bath in Mommy and Daddy's bath...we pour in a little bit of the magic pink bottle, and turn on the jets, and she goes CRAZY! She loves it. Absolutely loves it! Of course, after about 5 minutes of jets, the bath tub is overflowing with bubbles...and Addison is screaming "more bubbles...bubbles...bubbles!!!" It reminds me of the fish in the fishtank on Finding Nemo!


Cristin said...

So cute! I just bought M some a few days ago. Her favorite thing is to eat the bubbles!

njyj said...

My kids just discovered the same thing. Actually, true confession is that I tried it first when Jocelyn was supposed to be taking a nap. In she walked and she was amazed at all the bubbles (didn't realize I shouldn't put in so much bubble stuff). Oh well. The secret was out, so I, too, purchased the cheaper kids' bubble bath for the girls. They have such a good time. Thanks for the inspiration to take pictures. I don't take enough of just everyday life stuff like that.