02 December 2008

Our first day of gymnastics!

Well, Jae and I decided to enroll Addison in a gymnastics class. She just has SOOOO much energy, and not enough outlets to exert it all! So, this ended up being the perfect place! She is part of a Whiz Kids class for 2-3 year olds at a really great gym in town. It's like a giant cushioned play area. The class is once a week, for 45 minutes, and they keep them moving for every second of the time!

Addison was so excited to go, she wore her new purple leotard that she picked out each of the three nights leading up to her class! She was absolutely cracking us up! After a little bit of hesitation, Addison made her way into class. She wouldn't try doing her forward roll...but the teachers said to give it a week and she'll act like she owns the place. Dont' doubt that for one minute! So, here's the little wild child in action...

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