22 December 2008

Finally...on Santa's lap!

Addison and I have tried to visit Santa about 6 times, all of which we did not get pictures...I just wanted her to warm up to him. Each time, she has been very excited about going to see him, but once she is near him, she wants nothing to do with him. So, today...3 days before he comes to visit her, she has decided that it was important to let him know what he needed to bring her! She stood next to him and told him she would like a "da-house" (doll house) and a "pincess" (princess). Then I asked her if she wanted to sit in his lap, and she said "uh-huh".

After her picture was taken, he asked her for a hug, and suprisingly, she gave him one. They printed her picture, and when she looked at it, she went running back over to Santa to show him...she was SO proud! I guess our fear of Santa is history?

I just wish I had known we'd see Santa today, then she could have been in a Christmas-y outfit...oh well. I guess you don't always get everything you want, huh?


Alison said...

How cute!! Don't worry about the outfit, that story is priceless! Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas! xoxo

Josh and Donna said...

cute pic!