29 December 2008

The Pacifier is GONE!!!!!

Well, thanks to everyone for the advice I received on trying to get rid of Addison's pacifier!

We decided to basically quit the Paci cold turkey (it sounds like cigarettes or something!) Our neighbor had some success with a story she told her daughter...saying that "Penelope the Pacifier Fairy" collects all of the big kids pacifiers, and gives them to little newborn babies as they are born (and re-inforcing this by saying that only babies have pacifiers.

So, on December 17th...Addison woke up with TERRIBLY chapped and raw lips, so I took that as a sign that it was time. We headed off to Target to get a padded envelope, stickers, markers, and tons of other little doo-dads to decorate the envelope with. I kept making this huge deal out of the fact that only babies had pacifiers. We also picked out a brand new stuffed animal, "brown bear" for her to sleep with instead. We came home and decorated our envelope, and went around the house and gathered all of her pacifiers...I found 6 of them!!! We took the envelope out to the mailbox and mailed it to Penelope.

That afternoon for nap she cried for her paci, and then whe we went to sleep that night it was hellacious. It was absolutely terrible. I was so sad for her. It absolutely broke my heart! She kept crying "no brown bear, no brown bear." But after about two days, she is doing great! She no longer cries for her paci...she does ask for it every once in a while...but it is no longer a crying fit, just a simple question.

The funniest and sweetest part is when she woke up the next day, she told me that her pacifiers were with baby Quenton, and baby Jesus. Is that not the SWEETEST thing ever?

Oh, and p.s...we went to a live nativity while at my parents...and baby Jesus had a paci!!!! I was so excited!!!!

Below is a picture of her poor little lips that day, and pictures of her decorating her envelope for Penelope.


Pam said...

That is so sweet about Baby Quenton and Baby Jesus getting Addie's old pacifiers! What a big girl! Congratulations on getting rid of it. I don't think Maya will ever stop sucking her thumb!

miriam said...

We SO need to do this!! Micah only has his at nap and at night. He knows that if he's not in bed, he doesn't get it.....I've been telling him for about 6 months that only babies have pacifiers....I just haven't been ready to deal with the extra crying! I guess I just need to give in and do it! AHHH!!!