30 December 2008

Cooking with Mommy

One of my friends, Lisa, gave Addison and I handmade Christmas aprons this year...and they were awesome!!! Addison was so excited about hers, so I decided to let her help me make some Christmas goodies for our neighbors.

She had so much fun helping me with the Creme de Menthe brownies (a family favorite) and she kept picking up the recipe card and saying..."hmmm...what's next? Right here...this!" I love how much she is talking now, and she honestly tries to carry on a conversation with you, and she thinks that she is SUCH a big girl! I guess she's right!


The Lynn's said...

Look at that face Addison has! I love it. Her pictures make me smile!
Hope you all had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Miss you!

Pam said...

Adorable apron and even more adorable little face on Addison! Those brownies sound yummy! I might need to ask you for that recipe. Unless it's a family secret!

Lisa said...

What a cute apron!!! She looks so cute.