20 November 2008

For all you belly watchers (TEAL!!!!! This is for you!)

Alright...it's very true, they say you take WAY less pictures the second time around...and they're right. I've already started slacking compared to my pregnancy with Addison, but I'm trying to blame it on the move. I'm sure I'll be much better at taking pictures when I have the sweet little boy to take them of...my belly isn't too cute! But, I have this crazy friend from Texas that keeps insisting on a "belly picture" so here goes, Teal. (By the way, I'm just picking on her!)

This is from week 25 (last week)

Sorry, it's not the greatest picture, but that's what happens when you set it on the table and set the timer!


Teal said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! It's just that I miss you and I just want to put my hands on your belly and feel that little baby...so because that is impossible, I will survive on pictures!:) Thanks for thinking of me!

The Lynn's said...

Look at your cute little belly! I love it! :)

njyj said...

You look beautiful!!! I miss you and finally have Gabbie coming back! When are you coming? Lol... know you are truly missed. I read your response to Gabbie's post. Life is funny (in weird ways) isn't it? Have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving!