12 January 2009

Jae's surgery

Well, Jae headed out to UCLA with Operation Mend, for his 4th reconstructive surgery. He left last Tuesday, and his brother Bill met him out there to take care of him. I was very nervous and sad not to be out there with him, but Bill did a great job taking care of him, and I'm sure...helping him have fun.
Dr. Miller did another release on the right side of his mouth, and placed a graft from behind his ear on the side of his mouth. Then, he had another form of a release (called a z-plasty) underneath his mouth, and they touched up a little bit on the graft below his nose. All in all, Jae has felt pretty good considering the surgery, and he seems to be recovering well. He had a check-up with the surgeon this morning, and will be flying home tonight. Thank you to all of you that have called and emailed to check on him!
Don't feel too bad for him, though...he was able to get tickets to go to the green room of the Jimmy Kimmell Live Show on Friday night, so he got to meet the Bachelor!!!

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