05 May 2009

Oh, the things we are learning!!!

Okay, its quite a hectic time around our house these days...we seem to always be travelling, and there is no end in sight...at least through the end of May! But our babies are still taking time to learn a few tricks!

Addison, has been helping Jae feed the dog as long as I can remember...but she has recently taken to doing it "ma-self" (myself). I caught her feeding him the ENTIRE container the other day! When I caught her, all she could say was "I sorry mommy...bu-bu's hungy"

Next, she has learned to roll her toungue (thanks Aunt Chey). It is hilarious!

Also, she has finally gotten the nerve to sit on the 4-wheeler with Jae. Up until now, she has been deathly afraid of it...but just the other day, she sat on it, and allowed Jae to drive up the driveway with it!

Quenton is learning A LOT, and I seem to have forgotten how quickly it all goes. He is smiling, cooing, and doing a lot of tummy time...and making friends with his play mat. The doctor diagnosed him with reflux today, so hopefully the Zantac will give us a happier baby. (Addison had it, too...so, I'm not too worried)

All in all, we are all doing well, and looking forward to our travels over the next few weeks. Oh, and if you haven't noticed...Quenton is beginning to look almost EXACTLY like Addison. Great, now they can both look just like Jae!

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Meeshin' Around said...

Hey Sierra - I just love the pics in this post. Your babies are just beautiful! Hope you guys are doing great!