01 May 2008

Hangin out with our buddies...

Well...before we left for UCLA, Addison attended her first friend's birthday party! She had a blast, bouncing in the inflatable playground, helping the magician, blowing bubbles, and most of all...collecting her own little bag of candy from the pinata! Honestly, there was so much to do...she didn't know where to start. She was in sensory overload.

Jae and I had a lot of fun, watching Addison play and interact (and we got to have a few adult conversations with people other than eachother!) Funny how life changes...parties used to consist of much different activities...and the more we experience, the more we are realizing...THIS is the best kind of party!

Here are a few pictures from the "fiesta"...

Sierra & Addison

Jae & Addison

Helping the magician to blow GIANT bubbles

Just making sure there isn't a hole in the bag...

Bye, Trey-Trey...Happy 3rd Birthday!

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