01 May 2008

Well, we did it...we bought our FIRST house!!!

Back in March, we stopped in Huntsville, Alabama on our way home from a friend's wedding. Jae wanted to touch base with the guys that he will be working with, so we decided to make the most of the trip and get a feel for the school in the area, and just meet with our realtor, and check out a few neighborhoods. Needless to say, all the prior worrying was for nothing...we found a GREAT neighborhood the first day! It is called Cobblestone Cove, in the Hampton Cove area. Everything started falling into place...we were pre-approved for the loan, we found the exact layout we wanted, and looked at other houses in the neighborhood. There are already 13 other families in the neighborhood with children Addison's age!!! It really seemed too good to be true...everything we wanted!!!

So, needless to say, we needed a little bit of time to think about it...a few days to "try it on" (as Jae's mom would say). The next week, Sierra flew back out to Huntsville, and put a contract on the house. She was able to pick EVERYTHING in the house, from paint, to trim, to brick...the whole nine yards. The house is set to close on October 17th. We are SOOO excited! There is not a day that goes by that we don't talk about how excited and ready we are to head to Alabama.
Here are a few pictures...

The tile backsplash, granite, and cabinet colors in the kitchen (sorry it's sideways)

This is another house with the same layout as our kitchen (just reversed).

From the breakfast area, looking over into the den (in a similar house)

This is the front of what our house will look like (different brick, and reversed.)

The lot we bought...home sweet home at 3113 Mossy Oak!!!

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The Lynn's said...

Ok...So I'm a little late! HA HA HA
I LOVE the house! I'm so excited that you guys have found the perfect place! The house looks beautiful! How exciting!