24 September 2009


It will be a few more days until I can upload all of our pictures to the blog (there are hundreds...so get ready). Our computer that has all of our pictures has a virus on it, so we have to get it fixed this weekend...hang in there...we'll be back.


KRZMOMMA3 said...

I would suggest purchasing a external hard drive, and backing up all your photos onto it. I did this about 8 months ago, and 4 months later, my hard drive crashed on my laptop and I lost everything.. I was so glad I did it. They are not very expensive, and you can hook them to any computer.. Well worth it.

Casey Balkema said...


Don't know if you remember me from our NGCSU PreCamp squad days..... I stumbled on an email someone sent me a few years ago about you. Funny what sites come up when you type someone's name in google. (That's how I found your blog)

You have some beautiful children. Thought you'd like to know that I pray for you and your family from time to time. I wish you all the best!

LT Casey Balkema