29 April 2010

A Girl with many Accessories...

So we met Jae at Burger King yesterday for lunch. I had just picked up Addison from pre-school. She got one of those paper crowns from the lady at Burger King. When she got in the car, I realized the kid had more accessories on than I wear on a fancy day!!!

11 silly bands, a necklace, a handful of bows in her hair, a crown, and a pair of glasses.

Yikes, wonder what we're in for!

And, yes...it has been brought to my attention that a lot of Quenton's pictures include his paci. What can I say, the kid likes his paci? If it makes him happy, I'm happy!

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Pam said...

Be glad it's his paci and not his thumb! I don't think I'll ever get Noah to stop sucking his thumb! And what's even weirder is that Noah likes to hold his foot up to his face when he's sucking his thumb. He's a baby contortionist. We know he won't do it forever, but it's pretty crazy to see! Ha!