02 July 2010

MY new obsession...


Now, don't take that the wrong way...I'm not obsessed with all kinds of sewing. Just little outfits for the kids. We found this pattern that is super easy, and now...I can make matching outfits for the kids for literally 1/4 or less than what I would buy them for! Plus, Addison is in this phase where she just HAS to match Quenton, so why not take advantage of that, it won't last for long!

Here is my second attempt...(the first was a size to big for each of them, but I can't wait for them to grow into them!

Addison is going to be SO excited that I made a little purse to go with it! AND...I have a friend that has an embroidery machine and does really good stuff, so I am going to have their initial put on the pocket!!!


Tara said...

you go girl! Those are adorable! If you ever make shorts or boys pants let me know and I will be a great customer.

Corrie & Jared Terry said...

These look "sew" professional! (HA! I can't resist a good pun.) Are these what they had on on Saturday? Soooo cute!!