21 July 2010

What's been going on...

NOTHING good, that's for sure!

So, while at D1 (my workout place) two weeks ago, I dislocated my knee. "How?" you ask?

Well, actually, sadly enough, it was nothing fantastic...I was doing a lunge. A "side-angle lunge" to be exact. Which was a really odd position. Anyways, my knee buckled under me, and I dislocated my knee. After I heard a "crack, crack, crack, crack, pop!" I was laying on the floor in tears. I went to the orthopedic doctor the next morning, and they sent me for an MRI, finding out that there was a piece of bone broken off of my kneecap, floating around my knee.

So, they scheduled a surgery for two days later, for a scope to remove the "foreign body" from my knee. So, once they got into surgery, they found much more damage to my knee than anticipated. When I dislocated my right knee, it popped to the outside with such force that it chipped a 1cm wide piece of bone off of the outside of my patella, and also broke off three pieces of major weight-bearing bone off of my femur. I know, kind of confusing.

Anyways, I have to have ANOTHER surgery August 5th, to carterize more tendons and soft tissue, and fill in the broken bone with Allograft, which is cadaver bone from a child, turned into cell form and inserted into my bone. At my appointment Monday, the doctor continued to refer to this surgery as a "salvage operation" for my knee. That doesn't make me feel too good.

In total, I will have to be totally off of my knee for 10 weeks! No weight at all. Then, I will have 3-6 months of physical therapy, and will not be able to do any exercising (running, squats, etc) for a year. I mean, seriously....ridiculous!

Fortunately, we have found someone to come in and watch the babies, and do laundry, and clean for the time being!

Below are some pictures of while they were in my knee during surgery. They are kind of blurry, but I have tried to label the different places...

Bad knee

Good knee


Josh and Donna said...

you poor thing! so sorry! hope the next surgery goes well. love y'all!

Corrie & Jared Terry said...

My goodness girl! We will continue to pray for y'all and your knee. Ouch!

Erin Duvall said...

While I can't relate Vince definately can with the knee stuff and the year recovery process. I'm so sorry to hear about your knee and I sympathize with ya. Vince layed on our living room floor for weeks recovering. It's a long process but you'll get through it. We'll keep you in our prayers.