11 January 2011

Bucket list

Okay, among many things on my bucket list, to include driving a bull dozer, was to attend a Garth Brooks concert. Once he decided to retire, I came to terms with the fact that this one particular part of my list would never be checked off.

UNTIL...my friend Jaci called on the Monday before Christmas. "Sierra, wanna go see Garth with Jodi and I on Wednesday night?" I didn't even have to think. I had no idea whether it could be done logistically, with the kids, Jae, and my sister coming in town...but I DID NOT CARE! I was going!

Needless to say...it was literally the most amazing night EVER!!! (with the exception of my wedding and children's births, of course...) He was the best entertainer I have ever seen, and Trisha Yearwood even came out for a few songs. I have never been to a concert where literally everyone new every word to every song...

Oh...and by the way, I was only like 10 rows back!!!!!

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