28 January 2011

Star Student of the Week

In Addison's preschool class they have a "Star Student of the Week" each week. This week was Addison' turn...and she was SO excited she could hardly stand it. Activities that are special to that student are things like: taking home their class stuffed animal, Buddy, and journaling what they do with him over the weekend, being the line leader, giving the weather, choosing the blessing for lunch, being the teacher's helper, bringing in a poster about themselves, and finally, bringing in your favorite person to eat lunch with you and read your favorite book to the class.

Addison chose to have Jae come in and eat lunch with her and read her favorite book. (Which is super cute considering she and Jae have the same favorite childhood book!) I was so excited that he was able to go visit her class. Most of the time the class sees me coming in and out, but not Jae. By the looks of the pictures her teacher took for me...they were all VERY excited that Jae was there!

I love it...

Jae probably won't admit it, but he quite the happy grin on his face when he was walking out himself!


Erin Duvall said...

That is so cute. I look forward to Vince being able to do that at Ava's school someday. Jae DOES look pretty happy doesn't he? How precious to see him reading a book to all those kids. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall :)

Cecilia said...

Melt my heart!