01 June 2009

Cotton Row 5k

Jae ran a 5k on Memorial Day called the Cotton Row, in downtown Hunstville. We've decided it will be an annual family event. YES, that means that I, too will be running next year. They also have a 1 mile fun run for children that Addison has said she wants to do next year. Jae did great, especially considering he was feeling terrible from some 24 hour bug...

We are going this afternoon to buy his birthday/father's day/anniversary present (a little early)...it is a road bike for him to start doing triathalons with. He is super excited, and I am VERY proud of him for training and working so hard!

P.S. He also pointed out to me that that is not all sweat on his shirt...he poured water over his head half way through...

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Peggy Vickery said...

Yeah Jae. He can do it. I am training for one that will be in August. It's harder than I thought.
I love keeping up with all of you on the web.