11 June 2009

A trip to Rucker...

Addison, Quenton and I drove down to Ft. Rucker the wednesday after Memorial Day to visit with Gamma, Boss, Uncle Bill, and soon-to-be Aunt Angela (they just got engaged!!!!!!! Yeah!) Mary Margaret, Justin, Lily Kate and Jackson came down the next day, and we spent a lot of fun time playing outside, getting spoiled by Gamma and Boss, and even had a birthday part for Lily Kate. Daddy joined us on Friday with the dog, and we all had so much fun! Boss also took the older two grandbabies to Toys'R'Us for a shopping spree. I'm sure they were in HOG HEAVEN! Addison walked out with a Dyson vaccuum cleaner, and sand and water play table, a giant bouncy ball a keyboard with microphone, marbles, a handful of animal figurines, and goodness knows what else!!! Thank you Boss!!!!!

Here's a little bit of the fun, and the birthday party!

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