12 June 2009

Oh the things a toddler will say...

Addison pretty much keeps me laughing non-stop lately. I'm calling Jae constantly to tell him the funny things that she says. They're so funny I thought I should share a few with you...

Last weekend she was sleeping with Jackson and the light was off...
Addison: "Jackson...I can't see your eyes!"
Jackson: "they're right here Addie...the marbles in my head."

She was being a typical 2 year old before her nap the other day,
Mommy: "Addison...do you have an attitude with me?"
Addison" "I have no attitude...I yelling!"

I was really tired one night...
Addison: "Mommy...whats wrong?"
Mommy: "I'm just really tired, Addie"
Addison: "Oh, okay. You go on night-night"
Mommy: "Oh really Addie?"
Addison: "Yeppy, I take care of my brother"

Addison got some gummy bug candy from the Botanical Gardens and was playing with them, after she ate one of them...
Mommy: "Addie those aren't toys, its candy...eat it."
Addison: "No Mommy, I'm helping her talk."
Mommy: "the bug?"
Addison: "Yeppy." (then in a really high-pitched voice) "Oh no, no, it's okay buggy...you miss your mommy? Its okay, she's in my belly"

And, last but not least, she was playing with her toy phone, and it "rings"
Addison: In a really prissy grown up voice says "Hello? Oh, yep, I got my big car back today. Uh-huh. Oh, yes...my brother's crying, he's silly. I can't deal with it. Okay, I call you back yater"

She is ABSOLUTELY crazy!!!!!!!!!! I love it!


Tara said...

that is hilarious!

Matt and Kim said...

Love it!

Amanda Byerly said...

Addison's remarks about the buggy's mommy had be giggling. So funny!

Leah Hulsey said...

Haha!! 2 year old girls....someone needs to write a book about them!!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh...that just made my day! I couldnt stop laughing. I loved the bug candy one, but talking like a grown up cracked me up!!!