24 June 2010

A little afternoon "Girl time"

The older the babies are getting, (and yes...I know they really aren't babies anymore) the more I am realizing the importance of individual one-on-one time with each of them. Addison is getting to the age where she really enjoys crafts, and can play with toys that have really small parts. Quenton on the other hand, is not quite there yet! So, we save all of the big girl things to do while brother is sleeping.

Today's girly time was to make a homemade bird feeder, which she had seen on Special Agent Oso on Disney. So, the last couple of weeks we have been hunting for pine cones. Apparently, Huntsville doesn't have too many of them.

I loaded up the peanut butter all over the pine cone, and Addison rolled them around in bird food. She was SO excited!!! She has been waiting to do this for about 2 weeks...poor kid. We hung them in the backyard, and she checks on them every day to see if the birds are "liking them".

Gotta love her...

Little stinker...sneaking some licks of peanut butter. Good thing Addison is the only one that eats the creamy peanut butter!

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Carmen said...

You are such a good mom! Addison looks so cute with her glasses.
I hope you have a great 4th of July and we miss you, you need to come and visit us again!