17 June 2010

One peach, two peach, three peach, four...

While Jae was in UCLA for another surgery, the babies and I went to my parents in south Georgia to bide some time. One afternoon we headed to a place called Lane Packing, where they have acres upon acres upon acres of peach and pecan trees.

Addison and I have been there before, but never went on the tour of the farms and plant. Actually, it was much more educational than I expected! Although it was TERRIBLY hot, we all had a great time. The kids had peach ice cream, and peach lemonade, played on the playground, watched the peaches being cleaned, stickered, checked, and boxed, and went on the farm tour.

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Corrie & Jared Terry said...

Ummmm....I LOVE LANE's! We visited there on a Georgia Farm Bureau Young Farmer Farm Tour. So, much fun! Yay for agriculture! I am so glad the kids enjoyed it. I would go back in a heart beat. Awesome peach ice cream, the smell of a strawberry patch, and watching them pack peaches. Good times!