19 June 2010

A new obsession for the babies...


Every time we go to visit my parents, my dad has taken Addison to the Aviation Museum at Robins Air Force Base. Now, on her 4th trip, her baby brother was able to join them.

I really thought Addison would still just be interested in looking at the big planes...but this time, she wanted to see EVERYTHING. The seats, the uniforms, the flags, the gear, the guns, everything! She was so excited. She was literally running from one thing to the next.

And, Quenton...well he walked through the entire museum screaming and making his "surprised" face. He truly LOVED the planes. It is so fun to see our babies with our parents. Something about the genuine happiness they have when they are with them, and almost having a glimpse into your own childhood.

Notice there are only 48 stars on this flag???

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