11 July 2012

Photo dump...a year is a LONG time!

Okay, no excuses. Well, actually...there is. 3 children is just ridiculously time consuming!!! But, I have GOT to do better. Especially for those of you who check back to see updated pictures of our sweet babies... So, for that...I am beginning with a "photo dump". I apologize that you have missed out on an entire year of our lives, plus! In that time, Emerson has joined us, completing our family. We can't imagine life without her! But, we also can't imagine life with any more children, either...so to answer that question...YES, she is our LAST!!! Addison completed her first year of "big girl school" and LOVED every minute of Kindergarten. And, Quenton has really stepped into his role as a big brother, and had many milestones of his own, to include starting organized sports! I promise to be better, for my own sake as well as yours! No more "photo dumps" after this, and we'll keep you updated!!! The Nashville Zoo with friends, April 2011
Addison's 4-year-old Class Easter Party, 2011 - Mrs. Graves and Mrs. Augustin
Dying Easter Eggs, and Easter 2011
Emerson's birth! June 30th, 2011 - she weighed 7 lbs, 6 oz, and was 19 inches long!
Emerson's first bath at home! July 2011
July 2011
Addison's First Day of Kindergarten! August 8, 2012 - Hampton Cove Elementary
Addison's 5th Birthday! Her party was at Spoiled Rockin Kids - August 2011
September - October 2011
Botanical Gardens Scarecrow Trail - October 2011
Tate Farms Pumpkin Patch - October 2011
Quenton's Trip to Elmo Live - November 2011
Christmas Card Photos - December 2011
Christmas with my family - Pigeon Forge "Cowboy Up" Cottage - December 25, 2011

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Kim said...

You crack me up! An entire year in one post!? hahaha

The kids are soooo cute! I really enjoyed the pictures.

Come visit our blog sometime - I didn't even know you blog!!!