02 July 2009

Fwiends, fwiends, and more fwiends...

Addison lovingly refers to her friends as "fwiends". She LOVES her weekly playdates with the kids that were in her class for Mother's Morning Out this past year. WARNING: there are A LOT of pictures...but I just think it is so stinking cute to watch her playing and really enjoying other kids her age. And, she is old enough to pick her friends...boy does she have some cute ones!!!

Some of these pictures are from our visit to EarlyWorks Museum, which was GREAT! There was a TON for her to do, from playing with ducks in the water, to milking a cow, lifting a bail of hay in a barn, to playing with a cash register (I think that was her favorite part). They also had little fountains outside for the girls to run through! She LOVED it!!!

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Josh and Donna said...

she is SO CUTE playing w/ her fwiends!