11 July 2009

My new blinka-blinka

Okay, so for our 4th anniversary, I told Jae that I wanted another band for my engagement ring...I already had one, but wanted another one just like it to go on the top. So, down at Rucker, there is this great jeweler, and we made a little visit. Unfortunately, it was going to be hard to find a band that matched mine EXACTLY, so we started looking at other options...and this is what I ended up with! YEAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! I LOVE it! Thank you honey!

Oh, also, when I got home, I showed Addie and got yet another funny comment...

Mommy: "Addie, look what daddy got me!"

Addie: "ooooh, mommy...you got new blinka-blinka???"

Mommy: "yep, Addie...new blinka-blinka"

Addie: "I want to put it on." (she puts it on her pointer finger and says) "look mommy...I'm a mommy now!"

She is so stinking hilarious!


Lindsey said...

gorgeous!!! love it!!

Jamie said...

Jae done good!