12 January 2010

11 Months Old, Already!!!

My sweet baby boy is already 11 months old...today! Can you believe it? In one short month, we will be having his 1st birthday party! He in no way looks like a tiny little baby anymore, but somehow, I can still convince myself that he is still a baby. After next month, I won't even be able to do that! Here are some pictures from this morning when he woke up from his nap...

And, here are a few things he's been doing lately...
- waving bye-bye and hello
- saying "dee-dee" for Addie
- saying "mommom" and "dada"
- saying "ot" for Hot
- saying "oh" for uh-oh
- clapping
- signing more
- giving kisses and hugs
- standing up unassisted for a long period of time
- taking one step
- drinking out of a sippy-cup
- eating all table food (and a ton of it!)
- walking behind and pushing toys
- playing peak-a-boo

He weighed in at the GI doctor last week at 22 lbs, 15 oz (in the 50th percentile)

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