26 January 2010

Operation Mend

I have posted about Operation Mend before...this is the program that provides Jae the opportunity to work with AMAZING surgeons and people. They have, once again, performed a "home run" with his face and hand (as the surgeons say). We CANNOT wait to see what lies ahead!!! He has his last radiation treatment tomorrow morning, and then he will back home to us!!! We have missed him terribly!

Anyways, I was looking around on the computer the other day, and found that they now have a website! It truly encompasses everything that they are, and everything they are doing. There are interviews with some of the wounded warriors, information on each of the warriors that they are helping, and also interviews with the buddy families...including our buddy family! I am truly thankful for EVERYONE involved, and can not begin to tell them what they have done for Jae and our family.

Check out their website...it is:


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Miss Amy said...

We are so excited that Jae is coming home to you with a "home run". Thanks for mentioning Operation Mend's website -- AWESOME!
Always thinking about y'all,
Chris and Amy (Collins) Cameron